18 Prayers for Anxiety and Fear in 2022

prayers for anxiety

Anxiety is a ferocious beast that fuels worry, depression, anxiety, and anxiety. Anxiety is a powerful force that can quickly overpower our rational thought processes and control our lives. Instead of enduring all the anxiety, stress, and fear, take a look at brief prayers and Bible verses to soothe your anxieties. Learn and absorb them, and then convert them into short prayers for anxiety based on your heart.

What Do You Think God Has To Say Regarding Anxiety?

prayers for anxiety

What is the Bible have to say about anxiety? There are a lot of Bible passages on anxiety in which God recognizes anxiety as an aspect of human nature; however, God doesn’t wish for us to remain in this state. There are ten Bible passages concerning anxiety that are followed by brief prayers.

Do Prayers Help With Anxiety?

prayers for anxiety

Anxiety may seem impossible to conquer. But, don’t be fooled by the strength of God. The Bible offers a crystal-clear solution to “Can praying ease anxiousness?” It says:

Jesus gazed at them and said, “With man, this is not possible; however, with God, everything is feasible.” Matthew 19:26

Prayers For Anxiety And Stress

prayers for anxiety

1. Dear Lord,

Your word is clear that we’re not slaves to the fear of being. You have provided us with many promises to tell us to trust in Your word and you. In Romans 8:15-17, we read,

The Spirit you received did create enslaved people, which means you’ll never be unable to live again in fear. But, instead, the Spirit you received has brought about the adoption of you to sonship. We cry to him, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit himself is the one who testifies in our soul that God is our child.

Thanks for the tremendous commitment. I will be able to remember these words during those times when I’m tempted by anxiety but instead be able to trust your faithfully. Keep the words you spoke to me in your mind and heart, and allow me to meditate on your words all day long. Thank you, lord.

2. God,

prayers for anxiety

Please help me stand up whenever I’m beginning to fall;

Help me carry on whenever I am unable to move forward.

Guide me gently in the direction I must take;

Take me to a space that is safe and peaceful.

While my world is a mess,

I’m begging you to bring me closer.


3. Jesus, my Lord! Jesus,

prayers for anxiety

In John 14:1, Jesus has been telling us, “Do do not allow your heart to be worried. You trust in God and also believe with me.”

I believe in your words and am confident in your assurances. I’ll trust you to ease my anxiety and ease my worries.

Today, I’ll decide to trust you and trust your words.

In Your Name Beloved, Amen

4. Dear Lord,

prayers for anxiety

The pressures of everyday life have become too much.

My life is a mess and, at times, scary.

Please forgive me for the times I’ve doubted and given into fear.

Bring me your Holy Spirit and fill me with peace of mind.

I am grateful to you for your character and everything you’ve done.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

5. My dear God who is in Heaven,

prayers for anxiety

I will remember your promises from Psalm 55:22.

Put your anxieties to the Lord.

He will also sustain you;

He will not allow

The righteous shaken.

Your words have power,

You alone provide me with the confidence to continue.

Following the words of your mouth, I request you to keep me going and give me all the things I require.


6. Dear Father,

prayers for anxiety

It’s as if my life is always in chaos. I constantly feel stress and anxiety and worry about what the next day will bring. I must be reminded that I am bigger than my anxieties and fears and that you hold everything in your hands. Take me in as you surround me with peace and love. Thanks for listening to me and always being there when I require you. I trust that you will always help me and give me everything I need.


7. Dear Lord,

I am here to seek peace and tranquility. If I’m overwhelmed with worry and anxiety, I am reminded of who you truly are as well as how deeply you love me for me.

In Luke 12:6,7, we are told five sparrows are not being sold for just two pennies? However, not one is ever forgotten by God. The hairs on your head are counted. So do not be scared that you’re more valuable than the sparrows.

The sound of these words provides me with peace and calm during difficult moments. I can rest in the knowledge that you have more knowledge of me than I do about myself. You are the only one who knows what is most beneficial for me, and I’ll ultimately believe in your plans for my own life. Knowing that your love and power connect all creation, I will gain the confidence to trust you even more. Thanks for the wonderful assurances. Amen, in your name.

8. Heavenly Father, I am with you. Heaven,

I am exhausted and weary. The environment around me is extremely difficult and difficult to take in.

I place all of these weights before you. You are my rock and strength when I am in trouble.

I am listening and hearing you in the tree, the flowers, and the beauty of nature.

I am sure your involvement is in all aspects of my life, whether I am aware of it or not.

I’ll choose to breathe deeply and let go of worry or anxiety and then relax in my body.


9. Thank you, God.

If life gets overwhelming, I am with you. You were the one who was able to make heaven and earth. You were able to keep everything in place. You’re still great enough to ensure my life is held together and care for me. So I’ll let go of my fear and worry and relax in the assurance of what you’re made of. Amen.

10. Dear Lord,

prayers for anxiety

I am here in your presence, seeking relief from stress and anxiety. I am lifted, and you be my defender with wonderful peace and affection. Take me through another day. Help me through the challenges I’m struggling with. Thank you for listening and answering my prayers, in Jesus’ name Amen.

11. God Almighty,

I am before the throne of God, seeking peace and tranquility.

I will keep in mind Psalm 34:7.

Angels of the Lord surrounds those who are in his midst,

and then he distributes the items.

Thank you, Lord, for being with me and safeguarding me in all my times. Amen

12. Our Lord, the God of Heaven,

My heart beats and I’m overwhelmed by anxiety and stress. Help me keep in mind that you are bigger than all the chaos I’m caught in right now. You are my refuge amid the chaos. I beg your help to alleviate my stress, anxiety, and worry. Let me rid myself of all negative emotions and give me peace, happiness, joy, and love. In your name, I pray amen.

13. The Lord and the Father.

In Philippians 4:6,7, I found the following passage “Do not be worried about anything, but in each circumstance, through praying and petitioning and with thanksgiving give your needs to God. The peace of God is greater than all understanding, will safeguard your thoughts and hearts through Christ Jesus.”

I will be in your presence, not the world that surrounds me. I will turn to you, Lord, and not be overwhelmed by my troubles and worries. You are the only one who can give me peace of the heart and in my mind. I am grateful for this peace amid all the chaos. Amen

14. Thank you, God.

I am feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed. I need guidance and wisdom. Let me know the best direction. Life can be so confusing, and I’m scared of making mistakes. So I put my worries on your shoulders and faith in your guidance and love. You say that you will lead the lives of those who swear allegiance to your trust and rely on your guidance. So I am willing to share the difficulties and stress within my own life. With the strength of your love, I will trust you. Amen.

15. Lord,

In these difficult times, I recall that quote from Jesus during these times of stress. John 16:33. These things I’ve spoken to you so that you might find peace through my name. In this world, you will suffer hardship, but be positive I have conquered the world.

In the present, I’m going through an immense amount of stress. I’m trying to deal with many things that weigh me down simultaneously. So I’m asking you to quiet my mind and slow my thoughts. Let me be in that state of tranquility that you offer. You conquered the world, and I believe you can beat all the difficulties I’m facing right now, Amen.

16. Our Lord in heaven,

prayers for anxiety

Your peace and my comfort are what I want. So keep me at peace, and enjoy your presence. Let your peace and happiness surround me. Even as dark as it could seem, I am sure that you are within reach. A single touch of your hand, and I’m sure that peace will surround me. I am surrounded by you and be calm in the way your know-how. I’m here for you and relax in your love. I’ll be able to trust in your unconditional love for me. Although I may not know the world within me, I am sure you know, and you have the power to control everything.


17. Our Father, the Lord of Heaven,

I put everything I worry about and anxieties on you because I know how much you cherish me.

Your knowledge of me is greater than mine. Do me. You’ve known my name and taken me in before I was even born.

Since you are aware of and comprehend my needs, I’ll trust you and rely on your answer.

Help me remain still, rely on my words, and go to a state that is filled with joy and peace.


18. Lord,

I pray that your love surrounds me, soothes me, and safeguards me.

Do I have faith in you more? Be less worried.

Do I have the right always to call you whenever I’m experiencing anxiety or fear?

In Your Name, Lord, Amen.

Final Thoughts on Prayers for Anxiety

prayers for anxiety

When you’re stressed, find an area that is quiet and serene to meditate. Find ways to stay in a state of calm. It could be at home when you have some time for yourself. It could also be outdoors in a quiet area in the natural surroundings. Find a location where you feel relaxed while praying.

If you’re in search of more Bible verses to help ease anxiety and stress, SpotHorizon offers a variety of verses to enjoy. Take these prayers and verses on your smartphone or paper. Keep them handy to read and pray at any time anxiety or stress starts to take its toll. Relax in deep breathing, take a deep breath and then bring your worries to God!


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